One Face of the American Abortion Debate

So I suppose it’s the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Normally, I stay out of the legal abortion debate, since I rarely see any good come of it, but today, with the abundance of conversation about abortion popping up in my life, I will wade in.

I’d like to take a minute today to thank G-d that when I became unexpectedly pregnant a little over two years ago, I was in a country that had safe, legal access to abortion and I was living in a state where it was practical for me to obtain it.

Although I ultimately decided not to have an abortion, I firmly believe that if that choice had been made for me by the law, an already difficult situation would have been made immeasurably more so.

Choices about my body are mine to make. I chose to spend a year of my life eating, sleeping and breathing to allow a potential human life to become a full person. There is no way I could make that choice for another woman. There is no way I would want another person to make that choice for me.

So please, when you’re thinking about abortion’s legal status, remember that it’s not an abstract concept. You’re not discussing the lives and futures of some women way over yonder whom you’ll never have anything to do with. You’re discussing my life. My right to bodily autonomy. My freedom to work a physically demanding job or go to school full-time. These are rights and freedoms I waived, and nobody else has the authority to waive them for me.

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